We held our very first Qonic Talks event!

This was a great opportunity to get together with AEC professionals and talk about the future of cloud-based modelling.

Qonic Talks was all about learning and sharing ideas with the construction community. It was great to see so many people come out and share their thoughts and feedback about how we continue to develop the Qonic technology in the coming months. The event was a success, with over 40 AEC professionals joining us at Yalo, a conference centre in Ghent’s city centre.

The main focus of the evening was on Qonic’s cloud platform, which allows users to collaboratively create more accurate BIM models faster and more consistently. We talked about six of our core technology foundations – scalable performance, great user experience, true collaboration, multiple platforms, solid modelling, and BIM editing – using live demonstrations.

Afterwards, our guests shared their thoughts on the the Qonic platform and how they see it can improve their existing workflows. Overall, it was a great night! We want to thank all of our attendees for coming along and making it such a successful event!

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