Convert Material properties from Revit to Qonic

Would be nice if things like material keynote or even custom material properties would be exported from Revit into Qonic.
Certainly keynote is an important factor since many bill of materials are based on material takeoff schedules from Revit. If then we want to visualize or verify those quantities (or have them ordered in a different way) we need access to that parameter from within Qonic.

Hi Johan,

Thank you for your feature request.

Indeed, material properties are currently not exported from Revit into Qonic. We took note of your request, and will schedule it for a future update. It should be possible in the future to add properties to materials, like it is possible to add properties to elements already today.

Bedankt @Tiemen_Strobbe! Enige kans dat deze en/of material psets op basis van IFC op zeer korte termijn (binnen enkele weken) geïmplementeerd gaan worden? Kwestie van te weten of we voor het huidige project een workaround moeten zoeken.

Your request is not a quick fix, it’s part of a larger refactoring to make it possible to add properties to non-geometric objects, like types, spatial locations (building, storey), and also materials. So unfortunately, there is no very short-term solution for this request, but in the mid-term, the proposed solution will be quite generic and powerful!

OK thanks for the feedback! It is what I expected, though I didn’t realize it needs that much work under the hood :slight_smile: