Qonic Second Beta Release

We are excited to announce the second beta release of Qonic, introducing new features and enhancements to enhance your 3D modeling and collaborative experience.

Saving and versioning
Your model changes will now be automatically saved. Easily share your updates with collaborators and access the full version history of your models.

Quantity Take Offs and Schedules
Generate structured quantity takeoffs with just a click.

Revit plugin
Integrate your Revit workflow with Qonic by importing files directly into the platform.

Various Enhancements and Fixes

  • New Navigation Gestures: Redesigned navigation and selection gestures for improved user experience.
  • Box Selection: Introducing box selection, activated by drawing a selection box.
  • Multimodel Editing Support: Work on multiple models simultaneously and switch between them seamlessly.
  • Explore Panel Overhaul: The Explore panel has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, enhancing usability and organization.
  • Increased File Size Upload Limit to 2GB: Experience the freedom to collaborate on large projects.
  • Renaming Models: Easily rename your models after uploading them.