Qonic May 2024 Release

We are happy to announce the May release of Qonic, introducing new features, improvements, and fixes designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your user experience. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new and improved in this release.


New Features

  • Snapping: We’ve made snapping even more intuitive by enabling it by default. Additionally, we now support multimodel snapping.


  • Direct Modelling Enhancements: We’ve added several improvements to the direct modelling features to make it more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Window and Door Operations: Moving and copying windows and doors is now smoother and more reliable.
    move window

  • Memory Optimization: Large move operations can be memory-intensive, but with our latest optimizations, memory consumption is significantly reduced, making the process faster and more efficient.


  • Manipulator Stability: We’ve addressed various issues with the manipulator, resulting in improved performance and fewer crashes.
  • Layer Modification: Crashes during layer modification procedures are addressed.


New Features

  • Revit 2025 Support: We have added support for Revit 2025, ensuring future proof compatibility on your projects.
  • Expanded Revit Categories: More Revit categories can now be exported ensuring more accurate data handling.


  • Revit 3D View: Before exporting, the default 3D view is now automatically activated, streamlining the export process.
  • IFC Improvements: Our updates to IFC include enhanced unit conversion, better import and export of materials, and the ability to export elements with an Axis IfcShapeRepresentation.


  • Rhino Import: We’ve resolved issues with plane imports in Rhino.
  • IFC Classification and Geometry: Importing classifications and geometry in IFC is now more reliable.

User Interface

New Features

  • Model Status: Keep track of your model status with enhanced upload status visibility on the dashboard. This feature provides real-time updates and ensures you’re always informed about the status of your models.
    Model Statuses - 600px


  • Versioning Enhancements: We’ve made significant improvements to the versioning interface:

    • The version dialog now includes a right-click context menu, providing quicker access to key functions.
    • Reverting to previous versions is now more efficient and reliable.
    • Revisions are automatically disabled when personal changes are present, preventing accidental overwrites.
  • Manipulator Dimension Fields: The default unit of the model is now used in the manipulator’s dimension fields.

  • Saved Queries: You now have more control over how saved queries are opened.